Thursday, June 10, 2010


The below article can be found at Sarah Maid of Albion .  We never hear such stories here in the States from our MSM as they are always too busy pointing out all the things they like about the new South Africa.  The run-a-way violence against many whites who remain in that now, god-forsaken, country is swept under the rug, just as black on white crime in this country is completely ignored by most of the main stream media.   I would like to thank Sarah and others for shining a light on the terrible events sweeping across their country and let them know that others are aware and willing to spread her message, her cry for help. Please read the below article and if you have the time visit Sarah's blog and read the comments on this article.  Black on white crime like this is not restricted to South Africa, and more and more are being committed here in the States and other places away from what is truly becoming the "Dark Continent".

"Gardner found guilty of torture and murder of South African women

Days before the start of the world cup, the gardener of the two frail and unarmed Afrikaner women who were tortured to death on March 6 last your has been found guilty of their violent and sadistic murders by a South African Court.

The court found that the gardener Joseph Hlongwane, 22, had tortured to death 76 year old Alice Lotter and her daughter Helen. No explanation was given by the gardener as to why he had displayed such extreme cruelty, the torture had continued for at least three hours before the women died.

Warning: The following details, of extreme sexual violence, are particularly gruesome.

Mrs Alice Lotter died from multiple, deep stabbing wounds to her neck and throat; her daughter Helen, suffered 'severe, repeated, sharp trauma injuries to her lower body administered with knives and a broken beer bottle.' A post-mortem examination revealed that all of Helen’s front teeth were bashed out and that her entire body and face were ‘covered in severe bruises, chafing and stabbing wounds. During testimony from the coroner it was revealed that broken glass had been inserted into Ms Lotters genitals after which she had been savagely and repeatedly kicked in the groin. Her sexual organs internally and externally were extensively mutilated – some body parts including her cervix and uterus were completely missing:

Ms Lotter's breast had also been removed, and used to write the anti-white slogans such as "Kill the Boer" on the wall.

All this occurred whilst the women were still alive.

Very little of value was stolen from the victims during what the police had previously referred to as a "robbery"

A full report together with relevant links can be found at CensorBugbear

The verdict comes two months after the violent murder of Afrikaner Resistance Movement leader Eugene Terreblanche and mere weeks after South African Farmer Johan Strydom was murdered after being chained to the back of his truck and dragged around his farm, allegedly by three black men. Mr. Strydom's killing brought the total number of farmers murdered since the end of Apartheid in 1994 to 3107." 


Bitmap said...

I was reading a SA newpaper online after the Terreblanche funeral. In that one paper there were four or five gruesome murders of whites by blacks and several more attempts. In one case the attackers chained the doors of the victim's house shut in the middle of the night and set the house on fire while a woman and her children were home. In most cases nothing was taken.

I'm not sure it is racial so much as tribal. I read last year that some blacks (I think Zulu, but I may be mistaken) were attacking and killing blacks from another tribe that were coming to SA from Zimbabwe looking for work. Of course the prospect of losing jobs to lower paid foreign workers could have been an issue as well. Their actions are a little more extreme than what we see in this country.

I wouldn't want to live there.

Ron Russell said...

Tribal, my ass! What tribe did that poor woman belong too! Yep, guess you could say the "white tribe" then it wouldn't be racism. Reading reports coming from most SA papers is just like reading the MSM only in this country---you never get the complete story.

MK said...

I just hope that with the influx of western tourists into the country for the world cup, that none of them go wandering around in the middle of the night like stupid lemmings.

I still remember reading of a dumb european couple who took a stroll late at night on the beach front of one of the cities and ended up gang raped and leaving with aids.

People in the west think that it's all kumbaya and effing rainbows, but if you take the wrong turn into the wrong part of town, you're finished.

Findalis said...

The "Media" in S. Africa said that this would never happen if blacks took control. It is happening in Rhodesia, S. Africa and soon to the US.

These people are worse than animals and should be treated that way.

Ron Russell said...

We both knew this would be the end result in SA when the goons in the ANC took control. I surprised it hasn't been worse, but I suppose time will take care of that. Honestly is there any country below the Sahara where democracy lives, or above that great desert! Tribalism and hatard of the white man rules the day on the Dark Contintent. Without the help of the west they will be throwing spears at each other again in 20 years. The best "spear-chucker" will get the 11 year old for his wife!