Sunday, June 6, 2010


"WE MUTUALLY PLEDGE TO EACH OTHER OUR LIVES, OUR FORTUNES, AND OUR SACRED HONOR"!  Those who have read the Declaration of Independence are familiar with this phrase.

A number of years back a state trooper came to an accident scene in one of our western states, can't recall which one, upon arriving he found a man, hopelessly trapped in the wreckage of his car. The trooper tried without success to remove the man. Shortly after this, the car burst into flames and the helpless man in the car cried out as the flames began to burn his flesh. Finally in sheer agony he begged the state trooper to shoot him---the trooper did not!

We each will find some point as that trooper did when we must make a decision, perhaps not such a vital one as the trooper, but one nevertheless that will effect us during our remaining days. The trooper choose not to shoot the burning man, maybe because he opposed mercy killing, maybe because he would be breaking the law---there could be any number of reasons. 

How would you have answered the dying man's plea?  Would you think of mercy, of your job, of the law, or of some higher moral values.  The founders were faced with these questions when they put pen to paper and gave us the Declaration of Independence. 

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MK said...

What a horrible predicament, i know i would probably have shot the poor sod.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I can tell you what went through that man's mind: we are all brainwashed to NOT fire in this situation. He only corresponded to his training. You pose the main question and I pose this BACK to you:

Can you IMAGINE what would have happened had he actually SHOT the burning man?

He would be in federal prison today or on some state's death row.


Ron Russell said...

I doubt if any trooper would have shot, they have been conditioned to obey the law regardless. I was only thinking of the founders and what they had been conditioned to do and yet they risk everything to go against authority---their lives, fortunes and honor. Few in our society will be willing to do that! Thats why the government will always have the upper hand. Sadly we are a nation of cowards! Sorry to be so blunt.