Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bend Over America

The above images look funny and some think they are a joke, but these two people are the most dangerous people in the country if you are the average working man or woman.  What about Joe Biden,  you say, well he is a joke.  Yes its Nancy and Barack and what they believe and the power they have that is threatening you economic security.  They are the great wealth re-distributors.  I know you are not a millionaire and they would lead you to believe they are the only ones who need fear---lies nothing but lies.  It is the vast middle class in this country that controls most of the wealth and its only there can these two find the money necessary to fund their radical ideas.  Its not just your pocket book these two want, but your life-style, your children and grand children's life style. 

The socialist always dreams of leveling the playing field, a system where everyone has the same thing.  Seems like this system has been tried in the old Soviet Union, there only 1 in 500 had a car, only 1 in 20 had a refrigerator,  and of course, the shelves at the local grocery were always empty.  These two fools will take us there thinking it will be different this time---why would anyone want to chance that?  I suppose the bum in the alley that doesn't have two pennies to rub together and then of course, those who have  Utopian dreams of a perfect world that only exist in a fools mind---did I say "fools" that fits Nancy and Barack!

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