Sunday, June 20, 2010

SARAH IN 2012??

Some of my readers may disagree with me on this one, but this is something I'm been thinking about for a while now.  Sarah Palin may not be the perfect candidate should she take that step later on, but then that "knight in shining armor" is only a childhood fantasy that never steps on reality's stage; but at this moment in time it seems clear to this observer that Sarah Palin is far and away the best of those currently in the public eye.  I can think of no issues I disagree with her on.  She has remained true to her principles and not waviered in the face of blistering criticism not only from the left, but from many traditional Republicans on the right.  This alone endears her to me.  I am somewhat of a male chauvinist,  but Sarah has overcome that short coming in my character.  As of this moment she has my support for the 2012 run for president should she decide to take that course.

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