Friday, June 18, 2010


I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm sick of seeing politicians from both sides grand stand at these congressional hearings. They are suppose to be fact finding hearing, but they have turned into a zoo with each animal trying to out perform the other for the attention of the cameras. Yesterday's hearing on BP were a great example of stupidity at work.  This hearing was nothing more than a show for fools and a perjury trap for Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP.  Just one time I would like to see these elected fools put on the hot seat and see how they like the relentless grilling under oath!  Bet most of them would be forced to take the 5th from the get go.  Who over-sees these guys. I know some will say they must answer to the voters---but damn that takes too long.  Anyway, after this next election many of those who were tossing stones will be looking for new work and I'm sure "Barry Baby" will find jobs for some of these idiots who have towed the mark for him!  Just the way it works in Washington, the corruption capital of the world.

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Teresa said...

Ron, you got that right! Washington D.C. is the corruption capital of the world. Politicians from both parties were definitely grandstanding yesterday. This crap has got to stop. The American people deserve and have a right to know the truth and all this grandstanding is only blocking the truth from being known.

hbl said...

It was a whole lot of bloviating by the politicians. I think Waxman outdid McCarthy hands down. And, the only Congressman that had the guts to speak the truth got slapped down by his own party.

Ron Russell said...

You are totally correct hbl, the truth cannot and will not be tolerated by those in charge and anyone who dares to speak it is slapped down. It was a shakedown, Chicago style!

banned said...

It is not for me, an outsider, to criticise your Government/Judicial procedures but the last time Congressional Hearings got this much coverage in England was with Oliver North and before that Sen McCarthys communist witch hunts (subsequently unhabilitated, new word, I think).

hbl said...

banned, I not sure of the government of Vanuatu. I guess, if the climate change terrorists are correct (not), your country will be seeking new abode. Even not, you will be welcome here. In the meantime, feel free to speak your mind.

Be advised, we have a written Constitution patterned on English law with some extensions. Our problem currently is the Wilsonian progressives have, bit-by-bit, been dragging us into the same regime now held by the PIIGS. If you have any ideas on how to put a stop to it, have at it.

Ron Russell said...

There was a time in youth I thought Wilson to be a great president. I was taught that my old high school history teacher and also by my parents who at that time like many looked up to FDR and Wilson. It was only later that my parents changed their outlook on Wilson and FDR, and so-called Wilsonian Democracy was finally exposed to them for what it really was.

Matt said...

I wonder if this was what "show trials" in fascist and communist countries looked like.

PatriotUSA said...

Pictures of waxman should have a warning on them.

Ron, for years I thought the same
about the Wilson presidency. It
was not until I got to college
and getting into U.S. Military
History that I was taught the
truth about Wilson and FDR.

Banned, Your comments are very
appreciated by many who tread
here. I bet our circus of
corruption and hot air is getting
alot of air time in England. As well it should be. Obama showed
what an ASS he is(again) by
villifying all of England over
gulf spill. You all can have him.
We will even pay you with stimulus
bucks to take him, please!!!

Trestin Meacham said...

We all know assigning blame is more important than finding solutions. We are so overrun with stupidity, it's grown worse than I thought.

Francis W. Porretto said...

The time has come for some unfortunate, hauled before one of these committees, to tell the committee members exactly what he thinks of them -- avoiding, if possible, the Anglo-Saxon terms for excreta and sexual intercourse. It might wake them up a bit. At least it would awaken any private citizen to the notion that outrage over such preening at public expense is quite justifiable, and that there are a few persons willing to say so.

MK said...

They're worried the masses are onto barry and also them, hence the scapegoating of BP. They're throwing as much mud, bullying and telling as many lies as they can get away with to make themselves look clean and caring.

Bill Smith said...

I agree. I found my self shouting at the Congressmen verses the oil executive. I agree with Patriot USA, we do need a warning when Waxman is about to speak. I didn't believe the rumor that the Dems were into cross cloning between humans and animals until I saw and heard Waxman.

Always On Watch said...

Anyway, after this next election many of those who were tossing stones will be looking for new work and I'm sure "Barry Baby" will find jobs for some of these idiots who have towed the mark for him!

Oh, I'm sure that he will.

You know, we're watching our so-called elected public servants committing political suicide. Do they themselves not see what they're doing?