Saturday, June 26, 2010


We've all heard the term "the loyal opposition" implying that when one party is in power the other although it has opposing ideas it is nevertheless loyal to America and the Constitution.  I contend that is nothing but "BS".  For the most part we have one party that defends and is loyal to the Constitution and another that would drastically like to change if not eliminate that document, of course they would never admit to such a thing.  The America left is not the loyal opposition but rather, a disloyal group that would overturn the Constitution if possible and a the very least would change it into something unrecognizable to a majority of Americans.  This country has no room for those who would overturn the Constitution by violent or even peaceful means and I  assert the Left is trying to do just that by any means possible.  When the left in this country supports such dictators as Hugo Chavez and others it is clear where they stand and the system they would like to impose on this nation.  "Loyal Opposition" my ass!  They are counter-revolutionaries who embrace collectivism and scorn individualism and would over-turn the Great American Revolution of our Founders and remove them from the history books so that future generations would never know of their greatness.  And for those who would bestow on these radicals the grand title of "Loyal Opposition" I have little use for their stupidity!

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The uninformed voters and the "takers" in this country make it all too easy for them to trash our Constitution.

Trestin said...

Well said Ron. We need to start calling things as they are. There are now two main camps in America: 1.Those that want to follow our founders and live by the guidelines of the constitution
2.Those that want to follow Marx and live by the Communist Manifesto.

John Carey said...

Ron, great post! There are definitely two main camps and a number of uniformed people in the middle that are not taking a position. Those that want to steer the nation back to the principles of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution, those that see the Constitution as an obstacle and want to "progress" (I use that term loosely), the country towards a more European socialistic system. And then we have the people in the middle that are living in bliss that really don't have an opinion. These are the people both sides are trying to sway their way.

The Democratic Party is no longer the party it was once in the past. I has been infiltrated by radical leftist that the current American system. I believe the Democratic Party has only a few years left. They are so outside of mainstream America that in the near future they will not be a factor in the direction our nation heads. However once we get back in a position we must act immediately to undue all of this administration's policies and reduce the size of government. We must fix our entitlement programs and cut our spending. When we have the window to do this, we must take advantage. If Chris can do it in a deep blue state like NJ and can be done on a national level. We need to be taking notes. Sorry for being so long winded.

KG said...

Absolutely! There's no longer room for "bipartisanship" because that word has become synonymous with surrender. Surrender to those who will destroy liberty, collectivise the West and destroy what made it great.

Little by little, they're succeeding and we need to oppose them vehemently, publicly and in the most uncompromising terms.

Debbie said...

You say "a disloyal group that would overturn the Constitution if possible and a the very least would change it into something unrecognizable to a majority of Americans".

They have pretty much shredded the Constitution already. It will take hard work and strong politicians to get things turned around.

christian soldier said...

ditto - KG!!!!!

MathewK said...

Exactly right Ron, far as i'm concerned, the left of today are traitorous scum. They prove it every time they are given an ounce of authority or power.