Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Police shoot black man media cries racism, terrorist kills Americans the matter under investigation

Yesterday in Charlotte, NC a armed black man was shot by police after he refused to obey police orders and apparently presented a threatening profile.  Following the shooting a mob (and they can be described in no other way) began touting officers and destroying property, including police cars in the area.  Later the mob moved to a local interstate, blocking it and looting trucks that were stopped.  Some 18 officers were injured by flying missiles.  The mob and the media have a commonality in this event, with both quickly pointing a condemning finger at the police, before the facts were even known. 
Now contrast this with the recent terrorist act in NYC, were the mayor and other top officials twisted themselves into pretzels trying to avoid the phrase that liberals most hate----ISLAMIC TERRORISM!  And, of course, most in the media refrained from calling the act what it clearly was, except for a few brave souls like Donald Trump.  However these voices were quickly condemned as reactionary and Islamophobic by progressive elitists and their fellow travelers.  Clearly, there is a double standard here by those who are (perhaps inadvertently---just giving them the benefit of the doubt) carrying  water for the street mob and the head-hunters in Raqqa!   

The media only shows us what they want us to see!


Sandee said...

The media is so very corrupt. So very corrupt. What they are doing is propaganda, not news.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kid said...

Good One. Yea, Only Workplace Violence from the moslems. Man are people that stupid....