Thursday, September 1, 2016

Waterboard Hillary to get truth about emails and benghazi

The hell, with putting Hillary Clinton under oath to find out the truth.  She has proven herself to be immune from prosecution for perjury even when the FBI Director admits she had lied, not just once, but time and time again.  The lying witch from Chappaqua has the ability not just to lie to the America public, but to lie to Gold Star mothers while standing over the flag draped coffins of their fallen sons.  While the Hillary loving press of a nation that once prided itself for having a free press, remains silent.  A silence that is self-imposed by their personal political beliefs.  Beliefs that prevent them from reporting glaring truths.  Truths that run counter  to what they believe.  In today's media, the truth has fallen victim, not only to liberal progressiveness, but to it's comrade in arms---political correctness.  The sad truth is that if we were able to waterboard Hillary Clinton, those on the left and the media would never believe the words that flowed from her mouth.   

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