Monday, September 5, 2016

The Myth of Man-made Global Warming

Ugock and his small clan crossed the vast ice fields of the frozen north following the great herds of caribou and at night they sought shelter in the many ice caves of the enormous glaciers. Once inside they used their flint tools to build a fire to provide the warmth needed to get through the long night. As the heat from their several campfires began to warm the cave ice on the caves roof it would melt small amounts of the ice and the water would drip or run down the sides of the caves walls. This was their way of life, the nights in the caves and the days searching for the animals of the north. A cycle that continued for thousands of years. As time passed Ugock noticed the level of a nearby lake was rising. He thought about this at night while sitting near his campfire as he watched the ice melting on the caves roof with an occasional drop of water hitting him on the head. Suddenly on night he jumped to his feet, for he had discovered an absolute truth, he was causing the lake to rise. It was him and his small cave fire and the fires of other nearby clans. 

Next day he raised the alarm and warned all he met of the approaching danger and urged all to reduce the size and number of their cave fires, less the lake continue to rise and drown them all. The fires dimmed but the water continued to raise and eventually out of desperation sacrifices were made to the old gods. The Paleo-Indians had discovered man-made global warming.

Now some 15,000 years later the new cave-dwellers of the sprawling canyons of metropolis have again discovered that ancient enemy of global warming and just as Ugock they are calling for the dimming of the campfires to stop the rising waters. And in time they will call for greater sacrifices to the gods of science, not the virgin sacrifices of the past (alas, no more virgins), but instead, the sacrifice of "our way of life". The sky is falling again and the Chicken Little's of the world are sounding the alarm!
Today's Bonus
H/T to Hope n' Change
White House spokesman, Josh Earnest chief propagandist 
and winner of the coveted  "Joseph Goebbles award",  
recently informed that nation that shovel-ready jobs 
were now available in Chicago.  This wonderful development is the product of the mayor of Chicago and Barack Obama's policy of granting early release to hundreds of gun related convicted felons back on the streets of the windy city.  And then of course, both of their over-reactions when white policemen shoot black suspects.  An action that brought about the "Ferguson Effect", causing law enforcement officers to think twice before confronting criminals on the streets of Chicago.  Yes, we can thank Barack Obama and similar thinkers for the increase in shovel ready jobs in America's second largest city!


Sandee said...

All cap and trade is is one more way to take money out of our pockets and line their pockets. Bunch of crooks.

Have a terrific day. :)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Time to defund the EPA!