Friday, September 9, 2016

The Gordian Knot, a creation of Politicians to stifle Common Sense

There is an old saying, that some of you might not have heard, "politicians will complicate the obvious and trivialize the momentous"!  At first glance, this appears to be nonsensical and should be dismissed by the thinking man.  But upon closer examination the truth of this statement comes into focus.  Have you ever noticed how our leaders will often take a seemingly simple matter and turn a meaningless mole hill into a mountain.  Suddenly, they have in essence created a problem that needs additional study, a problem that can only be tackled after  lengthy  congressional reviews. Reviews that require years and millions of dollars to complete.  Reviews, studies and of course money---all of which are vital in order for them to remain in their vaulted position above the common man. In short, they have created a modern day Gordian Knot.  Have you ever wondered why there are so many lawyers in government.  Well politicians and attorneys have one thing in common---to feather their nest, they must out of necessity muddy the issue, complicate the problem, and create a grand labyrinth.  A labyrinth, they and only they, have the key for.  And should any mere man dare to say that common sense dictates a easy solution to the complex problem they, themselves have created, suddenly that individual is labeled as a simpleton incapable of understanding the complexities of a modern world. Donald Trump has been branded as such a man, by the media and politicians on both sides of the isle.  They see him as a clear and present danger to their way of life.  Lives they have dedicated to complicating the obvious for their own personal gains and not those of the nation.  Just like Alexander the Great, Donald Trump will cut the Gordian Knot and those that cling to it will be swept away by a flood of common sense.  And "America will be great again"

S.H.I.T exposes Truth about Hillary's Poop
The Hillary Clinton campaign is in panic mode following reports that even dung beetles are rejecting Hillary's crap.  Seems that a cabin in a remote part of the Arkansas Ozark mountains sometime used by Bill and Hillary still maintains a traditional Outhouse.  An Outhouse dedicated to the proposition that all crap is created equal.  However entomologists from S.H.I.T. (Sam Houston Institute of Technology)  studying insect behavior in that isolated area have made a shocking discovery.  Apparently dung beetles have rejected Hillary's poop.  The reason for this rejection remains somewhat unclear at this time.  However one of the esteemed entomologists from the university did mention that in the not too distant past he did see a news article in which Hillary implied "her sh*t" didn't stink.  He points to this as one possible reason for the dung beetle's rejection of the candidate's dodo!  At any rate, Hillary is depending on the Dung Beetle Vote to sweep her into the White House, because critters that will swallow almost anything can be counted on to vote for her.  And the frightening fact that some in the Dung Beetle community are refusing what she has to offer is quite disturbing.