Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The real reason Mexicans come to America

The shocking result of a recent poll taken on illegal aliens who have come to America revealed that the vast majority came to this country in hope of getting a Taco not laced with cat fur.  It seems that because of the dwindling supply of the cattle, horses, and chickens in Mexico, many vendors have turned to the domestic cat (el gato) for meat used in Taco making.  Those streaming across our southern border also reported that the price of a mature cat has soared from 10 Pecos ($,50) to 200 Pecos ($10).  They further indicate that cats are almost extinct in some villages while those same villages are being overrun by hordes of hungry rats, depleting the grain supply in many cases.  This is leading many residents to believe that rats will soon become the primary ingredient of what is fast becoming known as the infamous Mexico Taco.  To combat the recent surge from the south of those seeking "cat free tacos" Donald Trump and others are calling for emergency measures that would allow an increase in the exportation of cattle and chickens to our southern neighbor.  Trump has also indicated that by solving the "El Gato Taco" problem there may be no need for Mexico to build the wall! 

Today's Bonus

The second coming of Marie Antoinette

Hillary Clinton with a statement against Trump supporters she called Deplorables has inadvertently started a movement that will sweep even more people to the polls to support the leader of the Deplorable Movement, Donald Trump.  In effect, Hillary has proved to be the second coming of Marie Antoinette, who during the French Revolution uttered those famous words defaming those in the revolution---"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" translated: "Let them eat cake"!  Gee do you think Hillary will go the way of Marie?

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Can't b lame him for that. That Cat fur can be a bit nasty between your teeth.