Sunday, September 25, 2016

Washington State Mall Killer a Turkish Immigrant - Act of Islamic Terrorism?

The shooter at the Burlington Mall in Washington State where 5 innocent victims were shot and killed as been taken into custody and identified as 20 year old Arcan Cetin, a Turkish immigrant.  When the early reports of the multiple shootings at the mall were reported the killer was thought to be Hispanic according to some in the media.  The story, of what is very possibility a terrorist related act has been swept from the headlines by the upcoming Presidential Debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  It should be noted here, that in the past early reports by those in the media have been very reluctant to label such attacks as Islamic Terrorist.  And usually those in the media as well as government officials, will only admit terrorist involvement when the emerging evidence finally forces them recognize the reality of the facts.  It appears, that in certain political circles, to admit terrorist acts is akin to slapping Barack Obama in the face.  Over these past few years the current administration in Washington has often moved heaven and earth to avoid labeling a terrorist act, just that---a terrorist act.  Waiting to see how the killing of these 5 people will be classified by those in authority in Washington State?   



Kid said...

Had to be workplace violence. The standard call of which is kaluaha snackbar....

Sandee said...

This administration doesn't see a lot of things. I knew the Hispanic thing was way wrong.

Have a fabulous day Ron. ☺