Wednesday, September 14, 2016

President Trump reveals secrets of Obama's Hidden Box

One his first day in the White House, President Trump had his personal Trump Towers maids clean the presidential quarters on the 2nd floor.  Donald was fully aware, that the usual cleaning staff were government employees and as most such workers were somewhat sloppy with their assigned task.  So he gave the job of cleaning to his most trusted workers.  Not surprising, one of the maids presented the new President with a box found underneath Barack Obama's old bed.  The box bore the Presidential Seal along with a "do not open label".  Being suspicious that Barack might be up to his old tricks, the package was turned over to the Secret Service for a closer exam.  After a hour or so, two agents returned with the container and presented it to Donald, saying it was safe.  However, Donald being a keen observer of body english, could not help but notice the two were amused by their findings.

Once alone in the Oval Office, Donald opened Obama's Box and immediately burst out laughing.  Laughing because the box revealed the truth about what he has long suspected about the former President.  First neatly folded in one corner was a Muslim prayer rug, that obviously showed signs of use.  Next, and Trump was not really surprised, was a double-ended dildo (which was half white and half black, for some obscure reason) that also showed signs of use.  And of course, a large quantity of premium K-Y jelly.  Tucked beneath the prayer rug and the dildo was an envelope bearing documents marked "Top Secret".  Documents that included Barack's original application to Occidental College--where Obama claimed to be Indonesian in order to get the preferential treatment granted to foreign exchange students.  And to Donald's delight---the time worn original birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama revealing he was born in the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya!

President Trump, after serious consideration, consideration that lasted almost an entire minute decided to reveal the contents of Obama's Box to the nation.       

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