Friday, September 30, 2016

Trump, Alicia Machado, Sex Videos and Lies

At the last debate Hillary Clinton went deep into Donald Trump's past and was able to come up with a unsubstantiated account of what he said to a former Miss Universe from the 1960's.  According to Alicia Machado, Miss Universe from Venezuela, Donald once called her Miss Piggee because she gained over 60 lbs while wearing the Miss Universe Crown.  Of course Hillary would never dare tell you excessive weight gain was was forbidden in her contract during the one year period she wore the crown.  Following the debate, the Hillary campaign had Miss Machado primed and ready to hit the stage with with her charges from 20 years ago.  Charges that, in no way, could be substantiated.  However, I would like to ask Miss Machado, if she managed to kill the Venezuelan, Judge Maximilano Fuenmayor who had indicated her boy friend as she publicly threatened to do.  I would also like to ask her if she enjoyed making those steamy sex tapes.  And on a somewhat related note, I would really love to ask Hillary Clinton if she regretted dragging the name of those women, (who accused hubby Bill of improper sexual advances, including rape), through the mud.  And no she wasn't protecting Bill, but protecting the only man who could provide that stepping stone necessary to ensure her political aspirations!  In short, Hillary is unfit to hold any public office---and most certainly not the presidency.     


Sandee said...

Hillary cares for Hillary and no one else. Her second love is power. She'll do anything. Anything.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kid said...

The twitter feeds I saw were directed not at this woman, but at the hildebeast for trying to use her as 'an angel' to attack trump. No problem widdat.