Sunday, August 16, 2009

Common Sense and Liberals

Liberal stupidity and just plain dumb thinking is found in people with no "Common Sense". I recall a few years back when trying to do something, someone commented, "well that just takes common sense" you need to learn common sense. His comment threw me back for a moment, then I quickly realized one cannot learn common sense----you either have it or not---it can't be learned. So most liberals are without hope---they are people with little or no common sense and there is no cure for this ailment. These people with this great void in their gray matter are hopeless herd followers and possess little individuality. They look to government to provide the answers they cannot, themselves formulate. They are an unhappy lot and see the joys in others and seek to disrupt those things that make others content. They are a confused and always seeking change for change sake----thinking this will make their miserable lives better. Sadly, no matter what changes they may bring about they will not be satisfied and they will always look for something that exist only in their warped minds. Reality is something that eludes them, the reality they are faced with is only something they must eradicate so they can move toward a dream world that doesn't exist. Unfortunately no vaccine exist for this disease and in many cases it seems to be heredity. However, there is hope is that this plague is mostly concentrated in the larger metropolitan areas. Most rural areas report only a few cases. Common sense tells us this can be contained and may in time become dormant and and no longer be a threat to the general population.
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