Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Obama thinks he is still flying high. He boards Air Force 1 with the salutes of our great men in uniform and takes off for parts all over the country and the world. The astounding number of trips this man takes will soon turn that proud plane into a "clunker". Today he's going to Colorado to take part in another town hall. "Take Part" is actually not true and town hall is an incorrect term for what these Obama outings are turning into. He will not take part he will run and control this event and the crowd will have little input, judging from past events---this is more campaign than citizen outreach and Obama will remain in his protective bubble carefully guarded by his handlers and staff. He still sees himself as "King of the Hill" when is fact he is quickly becoming a joke---nearing a court jester role. Yep, Barry your clock is winding down and with it your dark dream of a new America patterned after the twisted visions of Rev. Wright and those like him. We will all watch today as you enjoy your "Rocky Mountain High", but we will watch knowing that your high is ending with a big hangover and a crash landing.
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