Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things Have Changed

Official seal of Department of Homeland Security
Something to be to be proud of under the Bush Administration
Terrorist who were killing our troops were called Terrorist
Illegal aliens were rounded up and sent home
Things have changed

Unofficial and altered seal of the Department of Homeland Security
The seal has faded under the Obama Administration
Illegals who are caught are released
Terrorist who kill our troops can no longer be called terrorist
Americans who opposed abortion could be terrorist
Americans who opposed big government could be terrorist
Troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan must be watched
because they may be terrorist
DHS has become a socialist "Big Brother" organ of the
Obama Administration

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Teresa said...

Janet Napolitano and others within Homeland Security are twisting and misusing this agency for their personal leftist vendettas against freedom loving Americans that show dissent against this administration. They are targeting the wrong people and are most likely endangering the security of America because of them being a bunch of partisan hacks. They target people who are fighting against the murder of unborn babies but yet will give a terrorist every lee-way possible in the name of promoting peace. This is complete lunacy.

Ron Russell said...

Yes Teresa, the new DHS has become a political organ of the radical Obama administration, something that was never intended when it was established.

Debbie said...

Ron, now we're the bad guys. Conservatives are "radicals".

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Amusing Bunni said...

We've gone down a rabbit hole where everything that was good and right about America has been turned around and vilified to suit the radical, leftist agenda. It is a time of deep crisis for America, and makes me very angry. I know our founding fathers are spinning in their graves.
BTW, I see you post on the CBC too! Great job, happy to join you all over there.

Ron Russell said...

Debbie, I don't feel like a radical, but extremist I can accept.

Ron Russell said...

Amusing Bunni, sometimes I do post on CBC its a great site and what a great idea. You are right the founders are spinning in their graves, but not as much as Obugger spins and spends.