Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obama's Coffins: Made for Old Folks

Hillary Then Old Folks Now!

Obama's Coffins

Obama's coffins are so fine
Made of satin and of pine.

Richer longer lasting too
They are made for folks like you.

Obama wishes to please you and will go all out
To put you all down.

If you are not delighted with his convenient lay-a-way plan
Just leave your mailing address and he will gladly refund your money.

Fat or slim short or tall
Obama's coffins fit them all.

From a very old poem. Unknown author.


Teresa said...

That poem had me LMAO. Great Post!!

Ron Russell said...

What does LMAO mean, Teresa?

TexasFred said...

I'm not Teresa but...

Laughing My Ass Off...

Ron Russell said...

Thanks Fred, now I know the full story---too many years in the classroom and little exposer to expletives!

Debbie said...

That looks like Hillary Clinton in that coffin.

She may be preparing for a rematch in 2012, he might want to get rid of her now, ha.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Ron Russell said...

Yep, Hillard then old folks now---I think he does need to bury her for good, for they are both snakes and will turn on eachother!

Teresa said...

Ron, Don't worry I didn't know what those letters meant until I started tweeting. That is a very good resemblance of Hillary.

Ron Russell said...

I never worry about what I don't know Teresa, because the more I learn the more I find out I don't know, its rather ironic, but thats how it is.

abinitioadinfinitum said...

Hey Ron,
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. It's been Months, maybe years since I had a comment, although other than the last two posts, I haven't blogged in years. BTW,(By The Way)what is your name on twitter?

ab initio ad infinitum
PS: I left an answer to your comment at my blog.

Ron Russell said...

I have two twitter accounts my main one is "russellshih" and the secondary one is "LibertyRebel" between the two I have some 4000 followers---get some action from them as I have feeds from my blogs going into them via twitter feed. I haven't worked much lately on getting my follower numbers, but before long I need to set a day aside and concentration on adding another 1000 or so.