Monday, August 17, 2009

Sarah Slays Barack's Death Panels

Sarah Slays Barack's
Death Panels

Sarah - 1 Barack - 0
Way to go Sarah

Recently Sarah Palin wrote on her Twitter page about the Obama plan for seniors. Contained in the House version of the Medical Care Bill was a section devoted to advising seniors on end of life decisions---she referred to those people as a "Death Panel". She didn't tiptoe through the tulips and use politically correct words, but she did get her point across and despite the harsh criticism by many on the left and right, and the denials of the Democrats that no such panels would exist the provision creating these panels was removed from the bill. A question: "How do you remove something that wasn't there to begin with?" Chalk one up for SARAH PALIN, the Enchantress!


Debbie said...

That's a great image. Yes, Sarah Palin scares the Left so bad, I bet they wet their pants every time she speaks. While the term "death panel" is not in the bill, it doesn't have to be. The implication and intent is clear.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Mr Pink Eyes said...

"How do you remove something that wasn't there to begin with?"

That is the question that I have been wondering about. If the death panels weren't there ho could they be removed. Sarah Palin caught them and while she may have used an extreme sounding phrase to illistrate it she did bring it to light and the Democrats were forced to remove the provision from the bill. So while the media continues to portray her as a whack job the Democrats, with their action, have justified what she said.

Dr. Dave said...

And she's been attacked endlessly for telling the truth. She's "such a has-been" the left just goes nuts every time she opens her mouth. Fear has a way of doing that to irrational people.