Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DETROIT: Progressives - Labor Unions - Schools

Detroit the once proud capital of America's automotive industry and a city that bragged on its great school system, is now a vast wasteland a showcase not for progress but for urban blight brought on by years of one party progressive rule and greedy unions and politicians who acted like pigs at the trough. Yes the happy days are over and the bleak reality has set in, an the true result of run-a-way progressivism is being felt.
Parents in Detroit are blaming teachers for the low test scores of students in that district. Of course the teachers along with the teachers unions are part of the problem, but only a part of a much bigger problem. The city of Detroit has been run by progressive Democrats for as long as anyone can remember and its the polices of these elected politicians and the dumb voters who continue to re-elect them year after year that is at the heart of this issue. Of course, the citizens of that once great city will never admit this and will continue to support these leaders who will lie and lead them down the progressive road to failure and ultimate collapse. The state, local and federal governments have pumped millions of dollars into a corrupt system that will never work as long as those at the bottom look for the promised handouts from their political leaders who maintain control by making promises they never keep. The problem isn't the low test scores of the students caught up in this circle of ignorance but rather the appalling stupidity of the voters who insist on re-electing those who are dragging them down with their radical progressivism. Arrest the teachers, hell no! Kick out the politicians for they are at the heart of the problem.

Detroit public school parents are outraged at city educators after receiving news of subpar test scores.

The test scores showed that fourth- and eighth-graders had the worst math scores in the nation. The Detroit Parent Network came together Saturday to make their voices heard.

Sharlonda Buckman, chief executive officer for the network is calling for criminal and civil action against those responsible for educating the city's children, according to reports.

District Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bob said the horrendous test scores should not be blamed on the students, but on the school district itself for "failing to fulfill its duty to the kids and their parents." FOX News
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