Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jesus Almost Banned at White House

"The baby Jesus almost banned from the White House". When I first read this story I was shocked, but then when my first shock and anger subsided I quickly realized who the man in the White House was and thought, "that's par for the course". This story comes from the New York Times, no friend of conservatives. It was reported that Desiree Rogers, the White House social secretary, said that this year the White House would have a non-religious Christmas. That would be like having an international 4th of July celebration or a non-religious Yum Kippur.

Traditionally the White House displays its "Creche", the Nativity Scene during the Christmas season. Desiree Rogers revealed that there had been serious discussions about banning the scene this year, but that finally decided to go along with tradition. The mere idea that the Obama's would even consider kicking the "baby Jesus" out of the White House is disgusting and repugnant to most Americans who live outside the beltway and no not travel in "progressive" circles as does our new president. Turning baby Jesus away from the White House Inn would remind people of King Herod and many would see Obama taking that role. I suppose this is one time our "political correct" president thought about the man on the street and decided not to cross him of this. But then there is always next year and the spectacle of the baby Jesus being booted from the White by a man who is looking more like a Muslim with each passing day looms as a distinct possibility. Read story.
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