Monday, December 14, 2009

Mother Earth Demands Population Control

Many nations today are seriously considering measures to limit the growth of their populations first by providing incentives for couples to have fewer children and then more draconian measures like those already in existence in China. Most in the radical environmental movement see humans as the greatest threat to Mother Earth which has become the god of these otherwise godless beings. Mother Earth has emerged as the new god for hundreds of millions and anything to appease her wrath will be done by these new believers, including the pagan-like sacrifice of millions of unborn babies. These new Mother Earth worshipers have one-upped the Nazis and their plans for extermination far exceed the puny efforts of both Hitler and Stalin. These people intend to get the world's blessing for their actions from the world's most prestigious body, the United Nations. And that blessing will be given, for those in power there will see this as a way to control the lives and yes, the money of those rich nations that have done so much to destroy the planet. Mother Earth who has now replaced God will be avenged by these fanatical followers. Finally after years of wondering in the wilderness the progressives of the world have found their way and now Mother Earth is leading them to the promised land. Hallelujah!
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