Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Second Amendment Rights

Today while visiting two of my favorite blogs today Right Truth and Texas Fred I came across two post that reminded me of what a great country we live in. The first at "Texas Freds" was a reminder of the existing gun rights and how recently many states have reaffirmed the rights granted under the Constitution and the second by Debbie at "Right Truth" was a less obvious reminder of our rights. In her post she relates waking up today to the sound of gunfire. She lives in a rural area and the shots were hunters after the ducks and geese along the Tennessee River. I made the following short comment on her blog and I will pass it along: "I miss the sound of early morning gunfire on the farm, mine most of all. They are a symbol of our rights as Americans. Many other so-called progressive countries are silent and that silence is deafening, and speaks with the voice of authoritarianism. We are blessed".


Debbie said...

Thanks for that. The Grouch and I are not hunters, but we are gun owners and proud of it. We both have had a concealed carry permits for years and years, never leave home without it and never be at home without one, or more.

The Left paints us with a 'radical gun crazy, want to shoot everything in site, cause of all the crime in the US' brush. But they are so very wrong.

Most of us are like the lady this week who called 911 when someone was breaking into her house. The operator told her to retreat to a bathroom, she said no way, "I have a shotgun and I'm not going to get trapped in a small space".

She also said she didn't want to shoot but she would if he came into the house. He did, and she did.

Authorities said they saw no reason prosecute her. Good thing.

Right Truth

Matt said...

The left attempts to re-frame the purpose for the Second Amendment. It for protection, either from the crook that Debbie describes, or from our own government.

Snarky Basterd said...

"I love the sound of gunfire in the morning."

Never pass up an Apocalypse Now reference.

And I miss it to. I grew up in the woods with farms all around. The sound of a gun firing is like the sound of a cow bawling: it's like home.

BTW. Here's an explanation of your comment problem over my way.

"Ron ... it's my fault [your comments don't appear right away]. Back a week and a half ago when Grace Nearing (from Scriptoids) was trolling here, I banned her IP address. Curiously, I noticed one of your comments in the spam catcher ... and it was the SAME as yours. I removed the address from the spam catcher, but each and every one of your comments still ends up there. So I check it once a day around 5 or 6 p.m. (are you this regular in the bathroom) and approve your comments when they get caught."

Sorry about that. Keep coming. I'll get it straightened out, or at least still keep checking the spam catcher for you each evening.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

I live close to a couple of ponds and I can always tell when duck hunting season starts, and it is not uncommon for us to hear somebody taking a shot at some critter that must be getting into someone's garden during the Summer.
Like Debbie, I am not a hunter but I have my concealed carry permit and am ready to defend my family if it ever comes to that.

TexasFred said...

2 big old gaggles of geese flew over yesterday while we were walking into the Albertsons store up the road...

All I had was my .45 and my wife was all huffy about the idea of me taking a few shots at the geese... :)

Thanks for the link, it IS appreciated!!

The Right Look said...

Just kept the Second Amendment alive and well in my home with the purchase of a Springfield EMP .40 today!

God I love this country!

The Right Look

Ron Russell said...

Right Look, it is great and we have to fight to keep it that way!

Track-A-'Crat said...

Very true, Ron.

I wish that some kind of gun-ownership rights existed in the UK. The country is overrun with completely random, mindless violence. People are prosecuted for protecting themselves, and criminals frequently sue (and win) when whoever they're robbing/attacking fights back.

I recently read (not being an American) that the gun-control movement grew out the KKK's desire to prevent black people from being able to protect themselves.

And it's still the political party that supported the KKK pushing for limits today.

Ron Russell said...

Track, I know that gun ownership is severely restricted in the UK, I've also looked at a lot of the advanced air guns avaiable there and found something unusual. There you can have silencers on air guns, but you cannot in this country. Isn't that odd.


I miss being to shoot at bottles in the back yard. Soon enough.

LD Jackson said...

I was just listening to gunfire out in the Arkansas River bottoms one day last week. Nothing wrong with that at all.

The thing we really have to combat in the media is how they attempt to make all gun owners appear to be weirdos and quacks. Nearly every mention of guns you see, mentions them in a bad light.

Rick said...

Part of the problem is they have brainwashed much of the population into believing this propaganda against legal gun owners. The liberals don't believe in evil, they believe guns kill, not people, they believe liquor makes you drunk, not your lack of self-control, that capitalism makes us greedy, not selfish human nature. They believe man is an infection on earth and they would limit population so much the Muslims would eventually out-breed everyone else and finally establish shariah law over the world. It's this sick thinking that is pervading our society today.