Saturday, December 12, 2009

EU To Give 3.6 Billion To African States to Combat Global Warming

Billions of dollars will be spent shortly in Africa to push back the effects of global warming. Large sums of this money will be spent in the Saharan parts of that continent where the spreading sands of the great Sahara desert are destroying once productive farm land and forcing the indigenous population to flee for lack of food and water. The great desert has been expanding at an alarming rate since the days of the Roman Empire, when the heavy roman chariots whipped up the sands of the desert floor sending huge quantities of sands up into the atmosphere aggravating an already deteriorating natural condition. Following the Romans the early Christian crusaders trampled across the barren wasteland further degrading the environment in their pursuit of the infidels. And during WWII vast European armies confronted one another in this once fertile area further destroying the land. So after centuries of man-made global warming the worst offenders are offering up compensation for their heinous acts to their victims in the form of vast sums of money to dig wells on the dry desert floors, to build irrigation canals, to modify and shift crop production, to improve health care to deal with spreading diseases caused by global warming, and finally to move from fossil fuels to non-carbon forms of energy such as wind and solar power.

At long last these greedy polluting European states have found a way to right past wrongs that have so injured the natives of north Africa and their once beautiful paradise. Yes, by digging wells, building irrigation systems constructing huge wind farms and vast solar power grids on the hot desert floors these once evil nations are showing the poor natives of this scorched land that they intend to make things right and sweep away the desert sands and make the deserts bloom. And if the new green industries in the EU make hundreds of billions in the process well that's fine!!!

EU leaders agreed Friday to commit euro2.4 billion ($3.6 billion) a year until 2012 to help poorer countries combat global warming, as they sought to rescue their image as climate change innovators and bolster talks in Copenhagen.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says the offer "puts Europe in a leadership role in Copenhagen," where international negotiators are seeking a long-term way to slow the warming of the planet.

Yet on Friday, EU leaders reached a final figure of $3.6 billion a year for the next three years, with Britain, France and Germany each contributing about 20 percent. Britain is pushing to raise the figure higher at the Copenhagen talks.

The climate money is meant to go toward a global $10 billion annual fund for short-term help to poor countries, particularly in Africa, adapt to the effects of global warming before a new climate treaty being negotiated in Copenhagen comes into force in 2012.

"We will see if there is a move on the part of the other developed countries during the Copenhagen summit," Reinfeldt said, noting in particular the United States and Canada.

"There are few moments in history when nations are summoned to common decisions that will reshape the lives of men and women potentially for generations to come," Brown said.

The climate change money would help poorer countries build coastal protection, modify or shift crops threatened by drought, build water supplies and irrigation systems, preserve forests, improve health care to deal with diseases spread by warming, and move from fossil fuel to low-carbon energy systems such as solar and wind power. read more from FOX News


banned said...

Wow, big post; as a UK newb to your blog Totus, I am still trying to judge the 'tone' of your so apologies if I accidentlly offend.

It's certainly true that Roman North Africa ('Libya') was the breadbasket of their Empire; that is why the Anthoney & Cleopatra thing was so important, whoever ruled in Alexandria had Rome by the balls.
As to why Libya subsequently desertified, who knows? Maybe the Romans covering X-Carthage (Tunisia) in salt did not help but it certainly had sod all to do with manmadeglobalwarming.

I don't wish to be picky but there were not many Crusaders in North Africa and you forgot to mention the US Navys' intervention in the Barbary Coast ( Morocco ) under Thomas Jefferson when US trade was being attacked by Pirate Corsairs having lost the protection of His Majestys' Royal Navy following your ill-advised rebellion.

Cue the modern day. "Britain is pushing to raise the figure higher at the Copenhagen talks".
Nope Gordon Brown, Britains Prime Monster, is pushing to raise the figure higher at the Copenhagen talks to secure a personal legacy other than the man who wrecked our economy.

Ron Russell said...

I'm quite aware that few Crusaders ventured into north Africa, I just threw that in to the little satirical piece for effect. As for the Roman Legions and the great Punic Wars, and the famous words of the great Roman orator, Cato "carthago delenda est" (carthage must be destroyed) I did forget that while writing the post. My mother, once wrote a long poem titled, "Carthago Delenda Est" I suppose she had romantized the Carthageans. I also have a different view of Jefferson and the north African pirates. Many countries were paying tribute to the pirate not to attack their ships, and Jefferson, perhaps our greater president said "millions for defense but not one dime for tribute" or something to that affect. "Ill-adviseed rebellion", Ha! Ha!

The Born Again American said...

In the words of the late Sam Kinison, they live in a desert, don't send them money, send them

Debbie said...

Interesting since I thought the EU along with most of the world was experiencing deep financial problems. Do they (or we) have that kind of money to waste on a hoax?

Right Truth

Barking Spider said...

I don't know where Snotty McTwat thinks this money is going to come from, Ron - first as Chancellor and then as Prime Minister, he has brought Britain to its knees but still continues living inside his own fantasy where HE and only he, has saved the world!!!

Bring on the men with white coats!

banned said...

Spidey, George Soros pointed out the other day that in order to bribe China into pretending to reduce carbon emmissions, the West will have to borrow the money, from China.

Ayrdale said...

Is there anyone who really believes huge cash subsidies from so-called wealthy states will bring prosperity to failed corrupt socialist states ? Anyone ?

The whole scam is nothing more than another form of slavery. Look at any society, or micro-society that has become dependent on hand-outs.

The science is a fraud, the politicians behind it are corrupt and it is disguised in a tissue paper wrapping of green lies.

But the scam is unravelling, thanks to the blogosphere.

Merry Christmas from Kiwiland.


3.6 billion to fight climate change? I think it will end up more like this:
3.5 billion to corrupt leaders Swiss bank accounts. .1 billion for a couple thousand overpriced solar panels.

How inhuman is to spend billions on to combat global warming, while millions are dying from easily curable diseases?