Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pot Luck in Hayfork, California!

Yep, they are having pot luck in Hayfork, CA. It you decide to stop in you just may be in for a surprise the town is literally going to pot. The once sleepy little town in northern California's Trinity County has become the "Pot Metropolis" of the United States with more marijuana being grown, smoked and sold than ever before. In short "Mary Jane" has become the small towns no.1 industry. With low real estate prices, local laws allowing possession and growing of medical marijuana business is booming. The local shops and taverns are filled with a smokey cloud, but one with a silver lining as people are spending money while the rest of the nation struggles with recession.

All is not well in Hayfork however, as many of the towns seniors citizens are complaining that the "pot boom" has brought an undesirable element into this small community. The streets are now full of strangers who appear unwashed and foul language is now being heard on the once placid streets. Many local seniors are now afraid to leave their homes at night as the pot growers are armed not only with fire arms, but with attack dogs to protect their large stashes.

Something else has now happened in Hayfork, graduating high school seniors who use to go off to college or to the cities to seek their fortunes are now staying home--you guessed it, to grow Pot!

In recent days mysterious men in suits have been seen on the streets of this tiny town where they seem strangely out of place. The interlopers are driving large black SUV's many with federal government plates leading some residents to wonder if they are FBI or IRS agents. Local law enforcement authorities have been quick to point out however, that these strangers have made no inquires with them. Rumors are flying, with many saying these are secret service agents who are buying large quantities of the magic weed for their boss back in Washington. This cannot be confirmed.

This story is both fact and fiction. The facts are from a FOX News story and the fiction from a twisted mind. Mine!
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