Friday, September 17, 2010


Remember the last time you were in a courtroom and heard those words "all rise" as the grand figure in the flowing black robe ascended the throne. Probably like most you stood, saying to yourself, its the court, its the law , its the office that I'm showing respect for. Your were wrong by standing you were showing your subservience to the government. By standing you were recognizing the governments seat and not the People's seat as Scott Brown would say.

Do you need to be reminded about this, you're damn right. Because  after Brown's shattering win in Massachusetts the President said this in an interview when asked about Brown's victory, I'm paraphrasing: "Brown's victory came because I didn't explain my positions clearly, I was unable to get my point across to the American people". Really mister President, we didn't understand, we were just to dumb to figure out what you were saying, we were just some dumb truck-driving rednecks who didn't comprehend you beautiful flowing words. Mister did it ever cross your mind that maybe, just maybe we weren't buying what you were selling. You arrogant pompous ass, don't act like the two bit car salesman who storms backs into his office after failing to move that rust-bucket off the lot, all the while blaming the stupid customer for not taking advantage of the super deal he was offered.

Mister President you are like that figure in the long flowing robe, who expects everyone to stand when he walks into the room. Well sir, this American will no longer bow at the altar of government. You sir, are the servant and we are the masters and should you ever forget that we can boot you out. For the seat you occupy is not yours, its only on loan for, it is the "people's seat".
"All Rise",  my ass!
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mus302 said...

I agree with your premise that the President is out of touch but think that the 'all stand' analogy is wrong. In 1992, I served a tour on jury duty. When the jury enters the courtroom, the bailiff says all stand for the jury and everyone including the judge stands. It is a show of respect and in my home state of Tennessee anyway, the highest level of respect goes to the jury.

MK said...

Well said, from what i'm reading, the ass is literally falling apart. Apparently being president is a bit more intense than he expected.

Funny how far older men were able to handle it all just fine without whining so much, but hey, obongo is far more delicate you see.