Monday, September 13, 2010


America's first post-racial president, the great uniter, the hope and change man of the century is losing his mojo and quickly becoming America's greatest racist president. Yes, a well kept liberal secret is out, a black man can be a racist. And those who foolishly took the appealing bait of "hope and change" are now tasting the bitter pill of "bait and switch". Whites who supported this great black hope are now deserting in great numbers as the truth about this so-called post-racial president is seen by more and more who are willing to accept the realities presented to them each day. Many however, retain their faith in this great one and will continue to follow blindly as he leads them over the cliff. It seems that some 90% of blacks retain their loyalty toward the president, and this support can best be summed up by the "Obama Money" they are hoping to get! White support among Democrats remains at 80% indicating that they are as stupid as ever---nothing new here. Yes, Mr. Obama "Hope and Change has now turned to "Hope for Change". Whitey has finally seen the truth and truly heard the words of Rev. Wright and his prize protege pupil, the president, and now see that they both hate America.
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