Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Man Bites Dog!

Reposting from months ago! But still timely!

Everyone knows the old saying that, "dog biting man is no story but man biting dog" now that's news. We are now seeing this play out in spades in the MSM. We have all become accustomed to the violence on the left its almost a daily occurrence and is a part of life in this country. Campus radicals shouting down speakers, rock throwing mobs breaking store front windows, eco terrorist burning SUV's and running boats into whaling ships, union thugs beating up peaceful protesters in the streets and the list goes on and on. However, when the same things are perpetrated by some on the right suddenly its "man biting dog" and more. The MSM will use anything to marginalize those on the right especially an emerging power group such as the Tea Party. So they are now pointing the finger at those on the right for the recent acts of violence, not even knowing who the culprits are. But then it really doesn't matter to them, its not the acts of violence that's important but rather the discrediting of a movement, of a cause. This is their goal, their objective.

I recall the day JFK was shot. The MSM of that day quickly condemned the right and that continued for a day until it was found out Lee Oswald was a communist, a committed leftest then the condemnation stopped, but the fingers never, never pointed to the American left where the attack actually came from. We have the same thing here today with the MSM carrying the ball once more not for the public, but for the left and pointing their leftest fingers at the right before the facts are in while ignoring all the acts of violence committed by those on the left. In this country "left biting right" is not news, but "right biting left" well that's akin to
"man biting dog"!

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Steve Dennis said...

Good post Ron. The left is trying so hard to discredit this movement because they cannot compete with it. Great analogy with the "man bite dog." The MSM doesn't find it newsworthy to report violent leftist protests because they are much more common than right wing violence--coupled with the fact that they are lefties of course.

Matt said...

That is a great analogy, Ron. The left is the side that is doing the violence, and continuing to accuse us of what they do.

Trestin said...

I'm adding this to the September Hall of Fame

banned said...

Quite so Ron, over here the left thought it would be "funny" to produce a short film showing what happens to climate change deniers in the classroom, blow them to smithereens.

Eco-fascism jumps the shark: massive, epic fail!

Happily it has bitten THEM right where it hurts with even most 'liberals' condemning the production. They took down their own upload at Youtube but not before it had been re-uploaded and spoofed by at least fifity other Youtubers.
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