Saturday, September 4, 2010


"Uncle Sam Wants You". Uncle Sam needs you! Have you gotten the message! Are you ready to serve the new order! Are you ready to crush those forces that have corrupted our nation for hundreds of years! Are you ready to crush racism! Are you ready for real change! Are you ready to stop greed and corruption! Are you ready to stand up for your community! Are you ready to stifle unbridled individualism! Are you ready for a better life! Are you ready for free medical care!  Are you ready to kick religion from the public square! Are you ready to stop parents from indoctrinating their children with unregulated home schooling! Are you ready for America to be put on the right path! Are you ready to reign-in the a military that threatens world peace! Are you ready to stand up to Israel and give the Arabs a fair shake! Are you ready to silence reactionary voices that stand in the way of better life for all! Are you ready to take the fight to the enemies of change! Now is the time, this is the moment for change. Change that will free us from the repressive chains of racism and capitalistic greed.

These are the chants of the new Progressive left in this county. The battle cry of the new administration. A call to arms. A call for change, radical change. These are demanding voices, voices that won't be easily silenced. Voices that are loud and threatening. These are the voices of "Change you can Count On". The new Uncle Sam does want you, but this time not to stand shoulder to shoulder with him against some forign enemy. This time Uncle Sam wants you, Under His Thumb!

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Dolley Madison said...

(Sarcastic) You are just a racist, Ron.

Seriously, though you are on the money with this post.

Matt said...

This is spot on. It mixes their rhetoric with their actual intent. Can't beat that for accuracy.

1389 said...

It isn't that Obozo wants to kick religion from the public square ... it's that he wants to replace OUR religion with HIS ideology:

Don't try to tell me Obama is not a Muslim!

commoncents said...

Great Post! I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

MK said...

Scary isn't it, but 100% true, at the heart of the progressive movement are human-hating, violent, intolerant fascists.

Randy-g said...

Spot on as always Ron....Good work, damn good work!

Steve Dennis said...

Very good post Ron! I think that sums it up very nicely!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Ron, this sums up what "uncle" sam wants to do to us. He won't get away with it.
I hope things are going well for you and your family.

Teresa said...

This is extremely accurate!! I say let's turn back the clock to a time of innocence and when morality was held dear instead of scoffed at, as it is today.