Friday, September 3, 2010

The Tipping Point

The tipping point is that invisible mark that each must find. And in the end some will sit on the side lines while others join the fight. But once the fight is joined the onrushing events will gather momentum and all will be effected by the great struggle and even the "sunshine patriot" will find no refuge from the storm. We are now approaching that point, that place from which there is no turning back, some will say yes, while others hold back and cringe before the foreboding warnings.
Great changes are in the wind and the forces of change are gathering as the approaching storm looms large on the horizon. Many are seeking the shelter of family and friends with the hope that these changes will pass them by and they can again feel the warmth of yesterdays. While others are rushing to fill the breach torn in the fabric of the nation by those forces who would not only destroy the tomorrow's but the yesterday's. For the fair weather soldier the tipping point will never come, for they will continue to push that point farther and farther down the road. They will stand under that sheltered tree as the battle swirls round them and their muskets will never know the taste of fire and smoke. But wiser men will stand and say, "no more", for they have reached that place from which there is no retreat---The Tipping Point!
by Ron Russell
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The Born Again American said...

Brilliantly stated Ron...

Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, these are what we must be willing to scarifice... In truth, is life without the above worth living?

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

What a great and inspirational post. I believe we are headed for the tipping point, but I don't think we're there yet. Not sure when we'll get there, I think what happens in the 6 months after November will be very telling. All I do know is that people need to be prepared for whatever is coming. Food, water, liquid cash, gold, whatever... And be prepared also to defend your homes and your families.

John Carey said...

Excellent words Ron. I'm with ya brother!

Debbie said...

We are closer to the tipping point than ever. The race situation is worse than I have ever known it. The class warfare the Obama administration has built it's administration on is so bad for this country. Voters are sick of it.

Right Truth

MK said...

Just need enough to reach that tipping point. From what i can see of the obama debacle, that shouldn't be too far away.