Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Will Obama Moderate?

Many are beginning to wonder if Obama will moderate should the Republicans take control of the House and perhaps the Senate following this falls elections. Will he move to the center of the political spectrum, much as Bill Clinton did after the disaster the democrats faced following the off year elections in 1994?  Clinton had to master the art of moderation as governor of Arkansas where the republicans often controlled the legislature while he was governor. The answer here is simple for most astute political observers---he will not. Bill Clinton was a member of the political left, but not an extreme radical like Obama. The closest Obama has ever come to moderation was voting "present" in the Illinois legislature!  He will go down with the ship before he abandons his deeply held political convictions. He is not a finger in the wind kind of guy like Slick Willy. Obama thinks he is right and the majority of the people in this country are wrong. He lied during his campaign, indicating he would govern from the center, but once in office he forgot his campaign promises, promises he never intended to keep, to the American people and pushed ahead with his radical agenda. The vote this fall may send a message to Washington, but a message that will fall on the deaf ears of the "Present-in-Chief".
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Barking Spider said...

I believe you're right, Ron, he won't change because he can't change - great - he'll lose control this November and seal his and the Demotards demise in 2012 - happy days, mate!

Joe said...
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Francis W. Porretto said...

"He will go down with the ship before he abandons his deeply held political convictions."

I think you're correct about this. Obama is a man on a mission, and that mission overrides all considerations of popular approval or re-election. Were it otherwise, the polls indicating massive opposition to his initiatives would have inhibited him far more than they did.

Steve Dennis said...

Bill Clinton was a politician who cared first and foremost about his image--his legacy. He was willing to compromise his "beliefs" in order to appear as if he was getting more done. Barack Obama is an ideologue who will never move to the center. If anything he will more more to the left because he knows that he will get nothing more accomplished anyway. This move will assure him of getting nothing else accomplished, but he will try to use this against the Republicans to paint them as the obstructionists who tied up Washington. He will use that as his battlecry in 2012--"send me back to Washington with Democrat majorities and we will get things moving again."

John Carey said...

I agree Ron, he will not drift to the center. He is and always has been a radical. He is a man that detest America and believes that America owes the world an apology. This is a core belief that he will not change.

Always On Watch said...


BHO will not moderate. He doesn't know how to do so!

What will be his reaction to the November elections? Anger. Incredible anger. Can't expect anything else from someone who has NPD.

Always On Watch said...

Steve Dennis said: Bill Clinton was a politician who cared first and foremost about his image--his legacy.

Clinton was one with a performer's mentality and, above all, wanted to be liked.

BHO doesn't give one whit whether anyone likes him or not!

Teresa said...

Obama is a Leftist idealogue who thinks that he is "right" and will not compromise as much as he tries to snooker the American people into believing that he will.