Friday, September 24, 2010

October Surprise

With Iran slowly inching toward membership in the Nuclear Club while Obama talks of weakened sanctions with the Chinese one must begin to wonder what the Jewish state will do and what the end game will be. The Iranians are already beginning to boast that no one will dare attack them in a few months, in effect indicating they will shortly have the bomb. Both Obama and the Israeli are keenly aware of this and I suspect each is wondering what the other may or may not do before Iran becomes a nuclear power.

One must keep in mind that Obama is a very astute Chicago politician and his primary concern is maintaining control in Washington. Control he will lose if even one house of Congress is lost in the November elections. Bearing this in mind one should not be surprised if there is an attack on Iran, an October surprise. There are many possibilities so one needs to carefully watch the unfolding events this October!!

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