Saturday, March 25, 2017

Complacent Muslim on London Bridge of Terror

Remember that old Hollywood classic, "Lawrence of Arabia"?  I was a young man back then and accepted that myth promoted by those in tinsel town.  The myth, and it was just that, that peace loving Muslims would go out of their way to help the infidel stranded in the inhospitable desert sands.  Damn, did I buy into a load of crap.  For the most part, today's young impressionable zombies  walk among us with the cell phone glued to one ear and a iPad to the other have no concept of the brainwashing they are constantly exposed too, by the images and sounds coming from a progressive media.  Yes, "Lawrence" is alive and well.  And his creators, well they continue spewing their message to anyone foolish enough to buy the popcorn.     
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