Saturday, March 11, 2017

Help support PETA, Sierra Club, Green Peace and the NSS (National Snowflake Society)

Following a long sleepless night with thoughts of those dear concerned Americans over at PETA, the Sierra Club and NSS (National Snowflake Society) flooding through my mind of ways to help them recover from the shocking election of Donald Trump as their new leader.  Suddenly, early this morning I came up with the perfect remedy for these disillusioned people.  People who represent the very best among us.  I can no longer standby while their stomachs are tied in knots.  So being the great patriot that I am, I will help these poor souls by providing the below images.  Images guaranteed  to make them throw-up!  Now that my patriotic duty is done, they should be able to return to Trump-bashing  and looking for Russians beneath their beds.  
Click on any one of the above images to see larger view of all!
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