Friday, March 31, 2017

Mexican Government moving Tunnel-digging equipment to U.S. Border

Sources inside the Trump State Department have confirmed that a top Mexican diplomat  who recently fled the Mexican embassy in Washington and sought sanctuary in this country has confirmed what many had feared.  Apparently satellite images have shown a massive movement of tunnel-digging equipment from the silver mines near Taxco to secret locations just south of the border with the United States.  The movement of this equipment along with thousands of peons accompanied by burros coincides with rumors that President Enrique Pena Nieto has pardoned tens of thousands of inmates convicted of such crimes as murder and rape and is moving them north in hundreds of covered Military transport vehicles.  As of this time, President Trump remains silent of the rapidly unfolding events.  However, observers near the massive Air Force Joint Base (Lackland), in Texas, have reported seeing flight after flight of AC-130 gunships landing at the base.  Mayors of sanctuary cities across the nation are warning President Trump not to take action against these peaceful unarmed Latinos south of the border,  asserting they will take his administration to not only federal court, but to the international court in the Hague, where he would be charged with genocide should he harm even one Mexican.    
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