Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump signs executive order making California a national monument; alien life-forms given two days to vacate

Following in the footprints of his illustrious predecessor, who designated massive areas of America as National Monuments shortly before leaving office.  President Donald J. Trump, not to be outdone, has issued an Executive Order making California a National Monument.  Furthermore, in order to preserve the delicate ecological balance of the region he has given alien life forms only two days to vacate what will become the nation's newest national monument.  Just as former president Barack 'Himself' Obama used the 1906 Antiquities Act as the legal authority for his actions, president Trump has also relied on this antiquated law for the legal justification of his latest executive order.  
After Obama's declaration that Bear's Ear in Utah and Gold Butte in Nevada were declared to be national monuments, federal agents descended on those areas to protect prairie dogs, rattlesnakes and coyotes from corrupt and greedy local ranchers.  But now under the orders of a new president these agents are removing non-indigenous life forms.  Life forms that make unintelligible sounds (some called it Spanish), and seem to prefer iguana to chicken.    It is expected that Donald Trump will take similar actions in that once proud Golden State of California and make it great again. 
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