Monday, March 27, 2017

The only difference between a Radical Islamist and a Democrat is one holds a bomb and the other a Latte

As I see it, the only outstanding difference between a radical Islamist and a progressive Democrat is that one holds a bomb and is willing to use it while the other holds a latte and a protest sign and likes to break windows.  Both insist on telling you how to live you life and become totally unglued if you disagree with them.  They both seek to silence all opposing voices by violence if necessary.  The Islamist holds a gun and bomb in one hand and the Koran in the other when carrying out his murderous acts designed to instill fear with the ultimate goal of subjugation for all that fail to answer the call coming from the minaret. While the progressive hides beneath his hoodie and behind his twisted interpretation of the First Amendment in his attempt to bring about his version of "Social Justice" in his futile march toward an totalitarian Utopia where all men are made equal by their government masters.  Masters, who of course, are exempt from the rules that apply to others.  Briefly, the Islamist would place man under the rule of Allah with the Cleric's determining what Allah's will is.  While progressives would place us under the rule of government with a few bureaucrats at the top deciding what is best for all.  
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