Saturday, March 4, 2017

Watergate-like activities of former President Obama

Richard Nixon used those close to him to break in to The Watergate complex located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington.  A complex that housed the Democrat National Committee.  Of course times have changed and no longer are masked burglars required to steal vital secrets from the political opposition as in the Nixon era.  To surveillance experts can simply push a few buttons to view those closely guarded secrets of the political opposition.  History does repeat itself. 
This time it was not the Watergate Building, but Trump Tower in NYC that was the target.  I suppose the only real difference here is that in Nixon's day the press eagerly pounced on the story in an attempt to bring down Tricky Dickie.  But now with Trump Towergate, the media has yet to say a word.  After all they must protect their idol from those who would topple exulted image.  However, now a rather vocal deep-throated bird is sounding the alarm.   Below is a link, a must read, giving an outline of the steps Obama took to defeat Trump's election campaign and later bring down his presidency. 
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