Sunday, March 5, 2017

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has determined that Homicide is the leading cause of Murder

Sheila Jackson Lee, Democratic Congresswoman from Texas 18th Congressional District now in her 13 term in office has made a startling discovery.  A discovery that will rank with Edison's light bulb, Whitney's cotton gin, and Bell's telephone.  After over 20 years in congress this Yale graduate, has answered the age old question:  "what is the leading cause of murder".  Sheila has found the answer to this elusive question after only 20 years of dedicated research.  Miss. Lee has determined that "HOMICIDE" is the leading cause of murder.  Her astute observation will undoubtedly catapult her to a leading position in the Democrat Party and perhaps one day to that most sought after position of all politicians---that seat behind the Oval Office Desk.
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