Monday, March 20, 2017

Covering valuable assets with the Hijab and Burka

Hey guys, aren't we always trying to undress those nubile young things we see at the mall!  Truth is, the only thing I see really wrong with either the Hijab or the Burka is they are made mandatory in many Muslim countries.  Men since the beginning of time have always known to hide their valuable  assets from prying eyes.  Hopefully to minimize that temptation presented by the low hanging fruit.  On the battlefield it should be noted that opposing forces often use camo netting to hide their most important weapons from the prying eyes of the enemy.  Maybe, just maybe in our long march toward what many would call progressive values we have forgotten how to hide our most valuable possessions from those who would steal them.  Could it just be that those sons-of-Allah just might be right to not flaunt their most precious bodily parts.  This, however, is a debate we could never have in the West---feminist would never tolerate it.  More than men, they like to display their wares---just look around on the beaches, at the malls, in the gyms, and at the 1000 shades of blush and lipstick at the stores.  Yes guys, although all that eye candy is great, it is a woman's world, and we men are little more than that bass heading toward that flashing lure, and  assured of the same fate! 
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