Thursday, May 25, 2017

Breaking News: Secret Message President Trump left at Western Wall in Jerusalem

Many have speculated about the content of the message President Trump slipped into a small crevice during his recent visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The mystery has been solved due to stealth actions of an unidentified source who apparently approached the Wall under the cover of darkness and retrieved the note to God.  Apparently Trump was asking for guidance in governing the nation.  Nothing news worthy here, but what was most shocking was the short note was written in Russian.  Leading some to speculate that Melania might have written the message since she does speak Russian.  But as you might think, this obvious explanation was quickly dismissed by those in the media.  After all, it would not fit their narrative.  Because everyone knows that Donald Trump is a closet Russian agent.  And was trying to pass a coded message to his Russian handler.
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