Sunday, May 21, 2017

TRUMP OF ARABIA: "Put you faith in the sword and the sword in the Media"!

The above meme sums up my thoughts 
about President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia!  
Think about it.
This could be an earth-shaking event!

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Kid said...

I don't know what Trump believes about islam. But this was a necessary step one. This speech for all intents put them all on notice. Meaning if they don't visibly fight terrorism physically, financially, resourcefully, then they have outed themselves as part of the problem. I have to think that's what they were all thinking.

Cool that he singled out Iran and the head cockroach.

What an historical moment. 50 of the country's heads of state there. Trump not doing any bowing or mincing of words. Really enjoyed it.

Contrast oblabber to this and geez.