Tuesday, May 30, 2017

University of Arizona Scholar Identifies as a Hippopotamus in Academic Journal

A visiting scholar at the University of Arizona claimed he identifies as a hippopotamus in a recently published article in an academic journal. 

Writing in the Journal of Theoretical Humanities, University of Arizona visiting scholar Florentin FĂ©lix Morin argued that his hippo alter-ego has allowed him to navigate the world free from the constraints that “govern human bodies.” 

This article explores the formation of a tranimal, hippopotamus alter-ego. Confronting transgender with transpecies, the author claims that his hippopotamus “identity” allowed him to (verbally) escape, all at once, several sets of categorization that govern human bodies (“gender,” “sexuality,” age). He starts with an account of how his metaphorical hippo-self is collectively produced and performed, distinguishing the subjective, the intersubjective and the social. The article then investigates the politics of equating transgender and transpecies, critically examining the question of the inclusion of “xenogenders” in the trans political movement. 

In the article, Morin claims that while he understands that he is not actually a hippopotamus, his theoretical exercise of being transspecies, or “tranimal,” provided him comfort as he came to terms with his real-life transgenderism.  More.....
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