Thursday, May 11, 2017

San Francisco Gun store goes into lockdown over report an "active university professor" roving the grounds

Recently, the only remaining Gun Store in the San Francisco Bay area was forced to go into lock down over reports of an "active university professor" roving the grounds.  The store had been the target of numerous break-in attempts.  However, those efforts were thwarted by  a massive 25 ton steel door purchased at a surplus military auction at Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs. A door that was deemed unnecessary to protect NORAD during the Obama administration.  A door that was considered  obsolete due to our thawing relations with Russia.  Relations, that were vastly improved due to the work of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her infamous 'reset button'.  However, a door that is now being replaced by President Trump with a bigger and better one aptly nick-named 'The Mother of all Doors'.        


Sandee said...

The world just gets crazier and crazier.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Is that true? There's still a gun store in San Francisco?

Kid said...

If you see an ugly ass bitch like that go the other way, or say No but thanks anyway.