Friday, May 5, 2017

French PM Candidate, Macron, pledges to redistribute terror in Europe

France's PM candidate, Emmanuel Macron faltering campaign has pledged to redistribute terrorism to those less enlightened nations of Europe like Poland who closed their borders to Muslim immigrants.  Stating it was not fair that progressive nations such as France and Germany should bear the blunt of terrorist acts.  So in keeping with his true socialist roots and making himself worthy of the recent endorsement of America's redistribution-in-chief, Barack Obama, Macron has assured the French voter that as Prime Minister he will insure that all European countries share equally in the Islamic gifts coming from the south.  Perhaps next time a World War comes to Continent he and other like-minded Frenchmen will share the thrill of an enemy marching into Paris under the Arch of Triumph.  "Viva la France"!

What is it they say about history?  
"Those that don't learn from it are doomed to repeat it!"
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