Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Clinton Foundation just a Piggy Bank for Bill and Hillary to steal from

Bonnie and Clyde were small fish when compared to Bill and Hillary.  After all they had to stick up other people's banks whereas Bill and Hillary have their own private one.  A bank stuffed full of money pouring in from the Middle East dictatorships.  Dictatorships where women are seen as little more than goats and camels.  Those gulf kingdoms giving millions to the Clinton Foundation expect something in return---after all if they were truly in a charitable mood they would give their oil money to charity organizations where most of the money actually goes to helping the poor.  The Clinton Foundation reluctantly only gives about 10% of its collected funds for actual charitable works.  The remaining 90% goes to paid the lavish salaries of its board members---primarily Bill, Hillary, and of course Chelsea, along with many old friends.  Then what ever remains is written off as traveling expense, lodging, and those fancy meals complete with Russian Caviar and expensive champagne but not dancing girls as that would be too must even to the most ardent Clinton supporters!

The Foundation along with the Clinton's is now coming under intense scrutiny by Congress and those few members of the press not in the Clinton camp as thousands of new emails are found.  Emails that Hillary claimed she had turned over to the FBI and State Department.  Apparently Secretary Clinton lied again, but then that's old news so who really cares?  Certainly not those in the media.  Let's face a simple truth.  It is quite obvious that "Pay for Play" was running rampant in Hillary's State Department.  Something that is against the law.  Something you and I would go to jail for if caught.  However, let us face a hard truth---Hillary will not be punished in any way by the Obama Justice Department.  And as usual, like the stain on the blue dress, these transgressions will be over-looked by an adoring press and staunch Hillary supporters.  And so it is, in today's America.  Folks, enjoy what's left of the nation of your fathers, because you children and grandchildren will not!        
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