Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sprinkle Salt on a Bird's Tail or Dangle Food Stamps in front of Democrat

I remember as a young boy, being told by mother that sprinkling salt on a bird's tail would enable me to catch him.  Of course as the years went slowly bye I realized this had to be untrue.  After all what did mother know.  Then a few more years passed and I saw the truth in what mother had said.  After all if you get close enough to salt the bird's tail you can catch it.  It was never about the salt!!  Birds are one thing and Democrats something else.  I've been told that to catch a Democrat you only need dangle food stamps in front of him.  Now I wonder is there some correlation between the salt and food stamps?  Seems that progressive politicians figured this out years ago.  Truth is the salt is nothing like the food stamps.  See, the salt will not attract the elusive bird.  But ah, the food stamps will lure in all those less than astute people who believe you can get something for nothing! 
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