Monday, August 8, 2016

What if a President Hillary has a Short Circuit when near that Nuclear Button

Hillary Clinton and her many surrogates keep telling us how dangerous it could be to have Donald Trump near that doomsday nuclear button.  Of course that is all just campaign talk directed at putting fear in the mind of the voters.  But just this past week Hillary herself, told us she had a short circuit during a recent interview on FOX News.  She talks about the possibility of Trump playing fast and loose with nukes, but then in the same breath breath admits to having a short circuit.  I would have to call it a  "brain fart"!  Hillary also tells us how dangerous it would be to have Trump in charge of foreign policy, while at the same time she has proven what an absolute mess she can make when it comes to dealing with the rest of the world.  Just as the ghost of the Benghazi 4,  the tens of thousands killed in Syria and Iran, and of course the people of Crimea when Hillary did her infamous reset with Russia.  She tells us Donald Trump might be dangerous when she has proven time and time again to be just that.  With Hillary you have that known quantity---if you like it vote for her. 
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