Monday, August 15, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton a stealth Co-Founder of ISIS

Donald Trump has been tared and feathered by those in the Main Stream Media for daring to say that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were Co-founders of ISIS/ISIL.  Of course Trump was using sarcasm when he made this statement.  But it should be noted that it was Hillary and her boss, when she was Secretary of State who instituted policies that lead to the formation of that blood-thirsty band of radical Islamic terrorist more than any of that small band of killers who signed the original ISIS/ISIL Charter.  Of course, those Hillary Supporters in the media would have you forget that bit of history.  It was both Hillary and Barack who helped arm Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra which eventually morphed into ISIS.  The arming of Syrian Islamic rebels to fight the government of Syria's secular president, Bashar Al-Assad was the Clinton/Obama motive for these actions.  Similar moves against secular governments in the Middle East such as those in both Egypt and Libya, in the wake of the Arab Spring, lead to the overthrow of essentially neutral or pro western regimes in those countries.  Fortunately in Egypt, a strong secular military was able to bring radial Islamist under control.  This was not the case in Libya.  Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, by allying themselves with Islamic radicals in order to overthrown secular governments in the Middle East have contributed more than any thousand of Islamic Killers to the rise of ISIS.  And should these two co-conspirators be awarded the MVP by that Band of Killers, I must say it would be most fitting.

You may watch Donald Trump's speech today (8-15-16 at 2 PM EST) live from Youngstown State University on his plan to destroy ISIS!      
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