Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Colin Powell denies Hillary's Tall Tale about Emails

H/T to Hope n' Change Cartoons
How many times have you hear both the Lady from Chappaqua and her minions in the press blame in someway, the former Secretary of State, Colin Powell for the missteps Hillary made in setting up a private email system for her State Department business.  Didn't the former First Lady tell us time and time again that Colin Powell informed her that he conducted official business by using private emails.  Implying that pronouncement by Colin was the reason she set up the private server in her basement.  Now however, General Powell is claiming that her Highness, set up that private system at least a year before he had any conservation with her on that subject.  And that she was now trying to blame him for that fiasco!  Well what else could one expect from this woman.  After all, it was little Hillary Rodham, who as an innocent 10 year old first coined that famous phrase, "but teacher, the dog ate my homework"!
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